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The DV-Cop is a stand-alone, miniature DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with integrated Video Motion Detection and Sleep mode, that records quality digital color video onto a removable mini SD card. It draws only 10mA in sleep mode, making it ideal for extended battery powered operation and mobile applications. It is a plug & play device that can be deployed quickly and easily, and moved around effortlessly between locations. DV-Cop is easy to install and operate - you don’t need to open the unit at all. All accesses and controls are accessible from the sides of the unit. Alarms can be activated by external triggers and/or by advanced, integrated Video Motion Detection (VMD), which enables the user to define specific areas of interest within the picture frame. It automatically records events on a mini SD card up to 2GB memory. Recorded images are easily analyzed by simply removing the mini SD card from the unit and inserting it into a memory card reader connected to a PC/pocket PC. The remote control supplied with the unit enables the user to Arm/Disarm the unit, set up the recording process or record events manually. It can also function as a panic button. It is supplied with an infrared remote control with panic button function, power supply (15ft cable) and mini SD card. Perfect for applications where you need to use a specialized covert camera.

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