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The Tamron 13VG308ASIRII 3-8mm DC auto iris vari-focal lens is the best overall general purpose lens that we offer. Not only does it utilize aspherical glass for perfect sharpness all the way to the corners of the image, but it is also IR corrected to eliminate the fuzzy images under IR night lighting. Letting in twice as much light to the camera as the standard f/1.4 lens, the 13VG308ASIRII with it's f/1.0 aperture, offers the highest performance capability to all cameras (not just day/night models) in any low light application. Although compact in size, the 13VG308ASIRII has superior multi-coated optics to reduce flaring and ghosting. With a 91 degree angle of view in the wide-angle setting , this lens is perfect indoors, outdoors, and any cramped spaces. Ships with a pre-wired 4 pin connector. For all 1/3" CCD cameras that has a standard CS lens mount. This "best in class" lens is only a few dollars more than our lowest cost lenses. It's worth it!

Angle of view: 37 degrees (at 8mm) to 91 degrees (at 3mm).

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