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For those of you who need a wider range of adjustability, the Computar TG4Z2813FCS-IR auto iris CS-mount lens offers an adjustable field of view (up to 4X) for 1/3-inch CCD cameras. The TG4Z2813FCS-IR has a variable focal length of 2.8-12mm and an f/1.3 (wide) aperture ratio. It has aspherical optics for superior sharpness detail all the way to the corner of the image. Recommended for all fixed CCD cameras that accept DC drive lenses and can be used outdoors or used indoors for scenes with lighting conditions that change (such as areas with glass windows, areas with lights that are dimmed at night or any space where sunlight is part of the lighting). This wide angle to telephoto configuration makes it handy for most applications. The TG4Z2816FCS-IR utilizes all glass IR color corrected optics for crisp images under all lighting conditions.

Angle of view: 23.8degrees (at 12mm) to 98.2 degrees (at 2.8mm).

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