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PELCO: DX4508-250

Price: $329.00
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The Pelco DX4508 series offers a full featured digital recording system at a value DVR price. Designed to work with today’s broadband networks, the DX4508 uses MPEG-4 compression, allowing you to view and control the DVR across local or wide area networks. Recording at resolutions of up to 704 x 480 (4CIF), the DX4500 captures crystal clear pictures, creating effective footage for later use and retrieval. Video critical to investigation and archiving is easily exported to a USB memory device or to an optional CD-RW or DVD±RW device. Each DVR input channel can be configured individually to meet a specific security application requirement for video retention. Operation of the unit is made easy through the front panel, wireless remote control , or mouse. For surveillance applications requiring PTZ capability, the DX4508 addresses and controls pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) equipment such as Pelce Spectra ® domes and Esprit ® positioning systems, or third-party cameras through the front panel or network. The choice of VGA or composite main monitor output provides flexibility for the user. The main monitor output can be adjusted to display one, four, nine, or sixteen cameras, or it can be adjusted for a custom display. Other high prices features include e-mail alarm notifications, motion search, pre-alarm recording, (4) audio inputs, and remote administration via the network. The DX series is available in configurations with up to 3tb. of storage and 480 fps recording speeds (the DX4600 series - call for pricing).

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Model #s:

DX4508-250 DVR w/250gb. of storage

DX4508-500 DVR w/500gb. of storage

DX4508-750 DVR w/750gb. of storage

DX4508CD-250 DVR w/250gb. of storage and CD burner

DX4508CD-500 DVR w/500gb. of storage and CD burner

DX4508CD-750 DVR w/750gb. of storage and CD burner

DX4508DVD-250 DVR w/250gb. of storage and DVD burner

DX4508DVD-500 DVR w/500gb. of storage and DVD burner

DX4508DVD-750 DVR w/750gb. of storage and DVD burner

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Recommended accessories: Cameras, color monitors, LCD Monitors, video cables, PTZ cameras, Microphones

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