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Price: $55.00

HD-SDI cameras will not work with standard DVRs.  This camera will only function with a HD-SDI DVR.

See 22 times more pixel detail than a standard analog CCTV camera!  This heavy duty dome camera is perfect for indoor or outdoor locations. This system delivers incredible HD quality video in both live and playback images by utilizing your existing cabling*.


Great features include day/night operation, 3D digital noise reduction, wide dynamic range compensation, privacy masking and sens-up (digital nightvision).  Includes a analog video output for easy setup.  The 2.8-12mm lens gives you great flexibility to set up your shot.  Includes a very cool headlight masking feature to get better nightime images.  Requires 12VDC power.  300mA

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* For the HD-SDI system to function, only full size, RG-59 coax cabling with 95% copper braided shield can be used.  If your cable contains a silver braid and/or aluminum foil liner, this system will not work.


Tips for HD-SDI systems:

- Only use a monitor with a 16:9 format and 1920x1080 resolution for best results.

- Maximum cable length is 330' with the proper cable type.


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