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Target Observation System

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Especially designed for long range target shooters, we would like to introduce our GEN 2 Long Range Target Observation System. Born from the popularity and excellent reviews of our first generation system, the GEN 2 is easier to use, has superior features, and a high definition digital image delivered wirelessly from a distance tested at over one mile!

Excited Yet? We are!

The GEN 2 long range target viewing system features a Sony™ Megapixel resolution camera coupled with an adjustable zoom lens allowing you crop the picture tight onto your target for maximum magnification. The wireless unit transmits the image unaltered directly to the display screen on your shooting bench. Powered completely by rechargable battery(s), you do not need a power source or a generator at your shooting range.  This is what we do, design and install professional camera systems

Now available in a 2 camera system format.  Have a private or public shooting range and want to install a semi-permanent camera system on each shooting lane?  We can do that to!

Excited yet? Feast you eyes on these new features:

* 1.3 Megapixel image (1280x1024 pixels):
The digital image this system produces has over 4 times the detail of an analog picture.

* Digital zoom capability:
This new system allows you to zoom into the picture to more closely examine bullet holes that are close together. Enjoy the 11.6" HD LED display screen.

* Snapshot feature:
One click allows you to store a picture of your target in memory for future reference. Email them to your friends and claim bragging rights!

* Make a movie!:
This feature allows you to capture your shot string in a movie format (.avi). This allows you to watch the sequence of shots and timing for later review.

* Remote adjustments:
No need to walk or drive back to the target area to make adjustments to the picture. Make changes such as resolution, aspect ratio, brightness, contrast and color balance right from your shooting bench.

* Multiple system functionality:
Need two or more systems to operate in the same location - no problem. Many systems can operate side by side.

* Auto focus
After setup, just press a button on the back of the camera to automatically focus the image razor sharp.  Leave your reading glasses home! 

* Pre programmed:
The system comes with all of the configuration settings pre-programmed. Make a few simple connections and you are ready to roll. You DO NOT need to be a computer expert. Only basic computer knowledge is needed (navigating windows, open/close, copy, paste, mousing around the screen etc. commands).

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