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PT 9636 high speed dome camera adopt Sony 1/4" Super HAD CCD, The double filter could auto switch to realize true day/night, built in 3.4~122.4mm ASP lens, 36× optical zoom and 32× digital zoom; 

WDR/DIS/DNR/DSS/HLC extended the camera application range to some critical environment. 

360° endless rotation and maximum 400°/sec. Speed; Powerful memory and setting information store function, 128 presets and auto power on function, as well as pattern, swing, group, privacy and so on. For outdoor application, it totally meet IP66, different installation bracket could fit indoor and outdoor application.

Key Features

  • 36× Optical Zoom, 32× Digital Zoom
  • 650TVL(Color Mode),700TVL(B/W Mode)
  • Vector Drive and Micro-Stepping Technology make more smooth rotation and accurate preset
  • Compound Movement make the speed dome reach preset in shortest route
  • True Day & Night, double filter auto switch WDR
  • DIS(Digital Image Stabilizer)
  • DNR(Digital Noise Reduction)
  • DSS(Digital Slow Shutter) enhance sensitivity in night time
  • HLC(High Light Compensation)
  • 360° endless horizontal rotation
  • 90° vertical movement, 180° vertical movement(auto flip on)
  • Max. 400°/sec. Preset speed
  • 128 presets
  • 4 pattern, 8 groups could be programmed
  • Auto focus, auto flip, auto power on
  • Zoom proportional could be selected
  • Powerful park function
  • 8 privacy zone could be programmed
  • IP66(outdoor)
  • Adequate Protection against lightning strikes and power surges

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