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Computar’s A Series, the industry's first 1/2.7" 3 Megapixel Varifocal IR lenses were engineered for compatibility with the most common 1/2.7" and 1/3” Megapixel camera sensors. The unique optical design assures optimal performance with HD Megapixel camera applications and are available in Manual, DC Auto-Iris and P-Iris models.

Purple Fringe Correction – The precise engineering of the lens elements and the unique optical design eliminates the chromatic aberration know as “Purple Fringe” - especially in strong backlight situations.

3 Megapixel Varifocal - Designed to capture precise detail in critical security applications. High quality optics maximizes performance with 3 megapixel camera sensors.

Full HD Format - By enlarging the image circle design, this series is fully compatible with 720p and 1080p 16:9 format image sensors as well as the standard format 4:3 sensors.

Precise Focus Adjustment - The focus mechanism has been redesigned to allow more precise focus control. The focus ring rotates a full 180 degrees allowing enhanced fine-tuning.

IR Corrected Optics - Designed specifically for true day/night cameras to deliver HD Megapixel resolution in both day and night modes even when IR illumination up to 950 nm is deployed.

Corner Brightness - Advanced optical design provides for exceptional brightness in the corners of the image, enhancing overall picture quality and sharpness throughout the image plane.

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